Our Story

Started in 2021 by a father-son team, Press Dart is a public relations platform that provides media placements for startups, local businesses, investors, and entrepreneurship support organizations. 

Our journey started when we were searching for ways to improve conversion rates for our own e-commerce and SaaS companies. We found that getting featured on major media was one of the most effective ways but we did not want to pay tens of thousands for coverage. The solution to increasing conversion rates was so close yet we needed a streamlined process for our ventures. Once we figured out an effective and scalable system that worked for our own companies, we decided to launch Press Dart to help others like you stand out from your competition.

After many months of work, we have finally found the perfect system to write high-quality articles and publishing to a network of affiliates of major news stations including NBC, CBS, and ABC and press wires. It is not an easy task to reach these organizations as a small company or even just to find the right way to write these articles so they are widely accepted. We are proud to offer this simple yet effective process for undeniable high-impact social proof for our clients. We are so excited to helping you get media attention for your ventures.
Ralph Lehnert
Co-Founder @PressDart