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We have seen a 21% increase in conversions after working with PressDart. The "As Seen On" badge boosts social proof, especially for early-stage startups like ours.
David Neumann

What is is a platform designed to facilitate connections between startups and investors. It boasts a vast database of over 75,000 investors, including angels, VCs, and advisors, paired with an AI-driven system for generating personalized introduction emails

What Challenge did face?

A common challenge for platforms like is improving conversion rates from website visitors to paid customers. The team behind the platform realized that they were lacking sufficient social proof. This caused customers to question the credibility and quality of their platform. This is a commonly faced issue because in the absence of endorsements, or media mentions, consumers lack the reassurance from external sources that influence their purchasing decisions, leading to hesitation and lower conversion rates.

What was the solution?

A well-crafted press release using PressDart and the strategic use of an “as seen on” testimonial can quickly address this challenge. When a company’s news or story is covered by reputable media outlets, it gains credibility in the eyes of potential customers. This exposure not only drives traffic to the website but also builds trust, which is a critical factor in the decision-making process of consumers.

Leveraging the writing and distribution service of Press Dart, issued a press release about their product launch to the public. Press Dart ensured the coverage of the launch in over 200+ media outlets. 

Following this, the company updated its website and marketing material with an “as seen on” section, featuring logos of these media outlets, including FOX, NBC, ABC, and more. This strategy made customers feel more confident in the decision to engage with the platform and increased their conversion rates from site visitors to paid customers by 21%. 

The effectiveness of this service lies in its ability to enhance the perceived reliability and authority of a business, directly influencing consumer behavior and leading to higher conversion rates.

Before using Press Dart’s service, we struggled to effectively convert website visitors into paying customers. Our online presence lacked the crucial element of social proof, which left potential clients uncertain about our credibility. However, once we had our press release published and prominently displayed the 'As Seen On' badge on our website, we observed a significant shift. The badge showed we were mentioned in famous new sites which made people trust our platform more. This really helped us because more people who visited our site started buying from us. They felt sure about picking us because these media outlets had talked about us. We have seen a 21% increase in conversions after working with PressDart. The "As Seen On" badge boosts social proof, especially for early-stage startups like ours.
David Neumann

Other Organizations that have worked with Press Dart

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No-Risk Money
Back Guarantee

We guarantee that we will get your news story published. So, in the event that we fail to do so, you will receive a full refund.

Common Questions

We can get you published on Google News, AP News, over 100+ NBC, FOX, ABC & CBS affiliate sites, and more. On top of that, we get into the most important news databases and news wires and reach journalists and media influencers.

Whether you’re a startup aiming to get your first sales, a corporation seeking to communicate strategic changes, or an individual in the public eye looking to manage your public image, our professionally written and strategically distributed press releases can enhance your brand’s credibility, attract media attention, and foster engagement with your target audience.

Press Dart can guarantee that you will at least see some media coverage for your press release. While we cannot guarantee which outlets will pick up your press release, we will make sure that at least a few media partners will – and if not, we will not only refund your purchase price but give you double your money back. We are that confident that our press release services will work for you.

Press Dart stands out among press release platforms due to its affordable, comprehensive and targeted approach. With a vast distribution network, we ensure that press releases reach a wide array of relevant media outlets, journalists, and industry influencers, maximizing the potential for coverage. Coupled with detailed analytics, delivering timely we are a results-driven press distribution solution.

Depending on your chosen service, Press Dart starts at only $295 per press release with different available upgrades and services.

With the affordable pricing of our press releases and accounting for factors such as media coverage, website traffic, social media engagement, lead generation, SEO impact, sales, revenue, brand sentiment, and more, we are sure you will be satisfied with the ROI of our service. While attributing specific outcomes solely to press releases can be challenging, Setting clear goals and utilizing a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics will gauge the overall impact of a continuous press release strategy for your purposes.

We are based in sunny Orlando, Florida. Yes, our city is much more than just a vacation destination for millions but also the home of your future partner for press release services.

In general, our partners will keep article live for 3-24 months on average. For the best SEO results, we recommend ordering at least once a month.

Our dedicated writers craft each article from the ground up. Targeting using advanced AI algorithms, including ChatGPT, Bard, and more may be used in the process. In addition, we use proofreading tools to ensure high-quality content. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that AI detection systems are not triggered.

After you complete your purchase, we will reach out with a survey regarding the information we need. This includes information about your company, contact information, and your newsworthy article topic.

News media require “newsworthy” press releases, so just promoting your product or service will not work. Here are some popular examples: Product Launches, Website updates, Accomplishments and milestones, announcements, or staff changes. Sales, prices, third-party brands and public figures will not be accepted as topics.

No, once an article is live, we cannot edit it. Please carefully review the article we send you to ensure it is ready to be published.

In the event that a removal is required, we offer a $150 service to remove your live publications (as much as possible). Please email us at [email protected].

We publish on affiliates of major news outlets and a large number of industry-specific sites.

Having that said, we don’t publish on their main national sites because it is limited to national news. Instead, state and local affiliates are used to host your press releases. These website have strong SEO metrics and attract hundreds of thousands of weekly readers. 

Yes, before we publish an article to our distribution network, you will get a draft for approval. You can request any changes you need before it is submitted.

The way our service is structure, each news site receives the same news story. This should not negatively impact your SEO boost, or any other factors for your website.

Our partners may mention newswires and distribution networks that have published your article to said network, if required by local law. Therefore you may see the names of various newswires, and publications firms.

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